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Movie Theaters in South India | Stefanie Zoche

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Can’t Leave The Night - BADBADNOTGOOD

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Is that Tyler the Creator

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The Vinylcologist – BIG Blends (Ready To Die 20th Anniversary) Mixtape

1. BIG – Intro
2. Things Done Changed / Casserine – Why Not Take All of Me
3. Gimme The Loot / Simple E – Play My Funk
4. Machine Gun Funk / Shanice – It’s For You feat. Brett Bouldin
5. Warning / Monica – Ain’t Nobody feat. Treach
6. Ready To Die / Davina – So Good
7. One More Chance (Stay With Me Remix) – Beastie Boys – Hold it, Now Hit it
8. The What / Sudden Change – Comin’ on Strong feat. Mic Professor
9. Juicy / Mary J Blige – Love is All We Need feat. NAS
10. Everyday Struggles / Groove Theory – Tell Me
11. Me and My Bitch / TLC – Creep
12. Big Poppa / Monifah – You (Remix) feat. Panama PI and McGruff
13. Respect / Skindeep – No More Games feat. Lil Kim
14. Friend of Mine – Total – What You Want feat Ma$e
15. Unbelievable / Alfonzo Hunter – Just The Way Players Play feat. Erick Sermon
16. Suicidal Thoughts / Nicole Wray – Make It Hot
17. Just Playin’ (Dreams) – Tara Kemp
18. Something BIG / SWV – Someone feat Puff Daddy
19. One More Chance (Hip Hop Remix) / Dred Scott – Check The Vibe
20. Big Poppa (So So Def Remix) / Intro – Funny How Time Flies

"It seemed like a nice neighborhood to have bad habits in."

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"写ルンです" で撮った写真によるグループ写真展「写るんFES!」のフライヤーイラスト。2014.03.26 - .31

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"Lolita" (09.03.14)
Model:  Haskiri Velazquez

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